Madame Sherri

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Madame Sherri (and her husband Andre) were a dance team early on (even calling themselves the "world's greatest dancers." They performed as "Mons. Andre" and "Mlle. Sherri," and typically had a young female dancer as part of the act. Andre would perform flamboyant dances with this woman, while Mlle. Sherri would primarily do tangos. They toured the U.S. on the vaudeville circuit.

As time went on (and perhaps as a result of an injury Andre sustained in a car crash), they switched to costuming and producing shows. Their company was called "Andre-Sherri," and also "Andre & Sherri," showing that they were both involved in it. This ad, from about 1917, documents their transition from dancing to costuming and producing:

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Amazon listing for book, Madame Sherri - The Special Edition, by Eric Stanway and
David Fiske (2014). This book updates Stanway's earlier work on Madame Sherri, and
contains much new information on this fascinating woman.

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