Fees and Policies - David Fiske


My usual fee is $30 per hour, but depending on the type of services you require, the cost could average less than that. I will be able to provide a quote once I know more about your particular needs.

You would also pay my actual expenses for any travel outside Saratoga County that may be required, and for photocopying documents at repositories.

Fees can be paid via PayPal, or with money orders or bank checks.


A deposit of $60 is required before I can start doing any work for you. In the unlikely event that I am unable to locate any information for your research request, all but $30 (which I need in order to conduct an initial investigation) will be refunded.

For large projects, I can provide a quote that will end up being more economical for you, compared to my hourly rate.

Except for the initial fee for me to start working on your project, payment is due following delivery of your material. If you prefer to "pay as you go," we can work out an arrangement.


Birthday/Reunion Gift Packages

If you would like to give my services to a relative as a birthday gift, or in connection with a family reunion, the following packages are available:

  • Basic Gift Package - Cost: $500, which includes up to 15 hours of research, data entry and records creation, family history write-up, and a CD-ROM with all your family data
  • Deluxe Gift Package - Cost: $1200, which includes unlimited research hours (during the time allotted for the project), data entry and record creation, family history write-up, and 5 CD-ROMs with your family data

Note: A minimum of 6 months' lead time is required if you want materials delivered by a specific date. Plan early!

Family History Web Page This consists of me putting your family data on a Web page. It can be data you've collected yourself, or which I have collected for you. If additional information is discovered, updates can be made to the page.

  • Web page creation - Cost: $200, which includes initial creation of a Web page with your family history data, which can be accessed by friends and relatives
  • Web page updating - Cost: $60 for a single ad hoc update; $100 for up to two updates a year